Friday, November 27, 2009

After lunch at SinBala with friends we decided to go shopping at the supermarket next door. While I was browsing around I saw something very interesting next to checkout. I saw Flamin' Funyuns! Lately, I have been really into spicy things and this seemed like a great combo! It's been years since I have had Funyuns and to find out that they now offer "Flamin'" ones was music to my ears. The delectable crispness of Funyuns topped off with the savory spicy powder made my mouth sing. Sadly, I was being good and only bought a small bag to try. As soon as I opened the bag, all my classmates "helped' finish it off! lol I have yet to see it in the regular supermarkets. Maybe it is time I go to SinBala again just to get me some more Flamin' Funyuns!


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