Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year To All!
May you and your family be blessed with much joy and prosperity this year and many years to follow. A shout out to the Cows this year. Mooo Mooo Mooo!!! lol

Don't be confused by the post date, I promise to catch up and update. Just busy with the holidays, but never too busy to wish you the best. Happy Chinese New Year! Gong Xi Fa Cai!


Anonymous said...

I just found your blog and LOVE what you're doing with it! :) I'm like you in that I loooove going to try new restaurants and reviewing what I'm eating. Happy CNY to you too and I'll definitely be back to see your good eats. What a fun blog you have!

Anonymous said...

happy new year ~

H. C. said...

will you be eating lots of beef dishes to comemmorate?

I totally didn't plan for this, but apparently I'm eating off that Korean BBQ taco truck tonight!

Anonymous said...

such a cute card! happy new year!

Ms. Lin said...

Moooo - Happy Chinese New Year!

Anonymous said...

Happy Chinese New Year!!! Long time no talk! Did you visit any Dine LA restaurants yet? I went to The Dining Room in Pasadena last night with some girlfriends and was surprised that they still insist on giving diners the normal dining experience even with the prix fixe menu of $44! We still got the amuse bouche, the palate cleaner in between, and the petite four and chocolate after the dessert. Yum yum! You should go! I don't think there are any more reservation left on Open Table but I'm sure you can call because it was like packed last night.

Kat said...

Thanks so much for visiting luckytastebuds. Thanks, Happy CNY to you too! I am glad you like the blog ^_^ People like you make it all worthwhile and it is so much fun to share with people about all the great food out there or warn people of the bad lol.

Thanks Matt, Happy New Year to you too ^_^

H.C. haha I will be commemorating allllll year! lol Oooh let's organize a trip to CUT to celebrate the year of the Ox! Haha I have to check out what you thought of Kogi now! =)

Thanks 5 Star Foodie, Happy New Year to you too! ^_^

Ms. Lin, Happy New Year and watch out when I get hungry... I will look for the nearest filet mignon possible haha

Kat said...

Hey Honeybee! Long time no see or chat! After I read your comment I tried to book a dinner at the Dining in Langham hotel but they PACKED =*( I was saddened that I didn't get in... but thank goodness you did and I hope you had a wonderful time! ^_-

We definitely need to get together again for a wonderful meal! Hope everything is going well and that you had a Happy New Year too!

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