Wednesday, December 10, 2008

TiVo Is Here! ^_^

I have been meaning to post about the arrival of a new baby! My new baby, TiVo!!!! Haha I got a great deal on TiVo HD XL and I had to make my move. It's about time for me to join in on the fun. Sadly I have spent no time with this baby and it's being fickle! It doesn't obey me but we are working things through. As fate would have it, when I tried to set it up the phone line died or went crazy. I spent hours trying to figure things out and eventually gave up. Miraculously everything worked out the next day and all is well now!
I want to thank my wonderful friends for helping me purchase this new jewel. The adverse effect is I won't come out and see you guys now because I must spend time with the new baby! lol ^_- J/K I have been ignoring it by going out all day. I promise to spend more time with it soon! Thanks again!


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