Friday, December 12, 2008

Thanksgiving Pot Luck!

Must give a shout out to my friend Mango and Coconut for organizing a Thanksgiving Pot Luck at their place. Normally I don't show up for these things but I haven't seen everyone in a while so I had to sneak out and leave my family behind for my pals. So unfair though that my family took a long nap while I was away to catch up on sleep. I showed them by eating yummy food and a traditional Thanksgiving dinner while they were sleeping! =P lol
Thank you Coconut for making the Turkey! It was beautiful. All the food was great and looked great. I feel kind of bad that I didn't cook, but I was only planning to stay for a short while. The food was too tempting and I ended up staying for 2 hours hanging out and catching up. Don't worry, my family slept SOUNDLY while I was running low on batteries. They were so kind enough to wait for my arrival to cook them food! lol I really enjoyed the Cornbread, Mochicken, and Cassave Cake! I need to get the recipe from my friends ^_^ My friends and I were talking about the name Mochicken yesterday by replacing all words with "Mo" in front and it was hilarious, but made absolutely no sense. The Thanksgiving Pot Luck still persists through memories! ^_-


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