Saturday, December 6, 2008

Thank goodness I decided to come up early on a Friday night to hide out and what better place than Mitsuwa. I hadn't eaten lunch and I wanted to have something to eat before my big event at Leatherby's Cafe Rouge with the Bloggers. Thank goodness I chose to eat with TP or else I would be starving for food. It was not busy at all because I came before 5PM so it wasn't the dinner rush our yet. I wanted something simple, cheap, and good since I was going to have a nice dinner soon.
Since I was a bit hungry I got greedy and ordered a Curry Tonkatsu Rice Plate with an extra side of Tonkatsu. The quality of meat fluctuates with the cut but it's usually pretty tender. There isn't much flavor in their tonkatsu so be sure to pick up some sauces. Of course having curry and rice, you won't need any extra seasonings. The curry they use is pretty flavorful and thick, which goes great with the rice and tonkatsu. I was surprised at how good the Red Pickles were. They perfectly compliment the curry with the rice. I usually detest pickles so when I actually like them, it's a miracle! ^_^

665 Paularino Ave
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
(714) 754-7044
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Anonymous said...

i love going to mitsuwa, but it's always so crowded that it gets annoying. now i want to go to mitsuwa for dinner, thanks a lot ^^

Kat said...

I love going to Mitsuwa too. It is crowded during the dinner or lunch rush. I try to eat early and avoid the crowds ^_^

Haha, is that a good or a bad thing? Do you guys have Santouka Ramen there? I will post that after I wake up O=9 It's so good, I want some now too just thinking about it. lol

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