Monday, December 1, 2008

So here is the deal everyone! ^_^ Those who are part of my group on DECEMBER 28th, 2008 from about 11AM to 2PM I will be there for my own free tasting and anyone who is part of my group! How much better can you get! ^_- Feel free to bring anyone and everyone to this event to try out this new place with me. The owner has invited me and challenged me to gather as many people as I can to come. At first I was going to do it after the holidays but I want my family members coming here for the holidays to enjoy it too so I have pushed up the date.
I know many of you might be celebrating far away with your family, but maybe a lot of people will be coming down to SoCal to celebrate and I welcome you all to come! The sky is the limit on how many people you'd like to bring and you all get FREE GELATO AND FREE HOT CHOCOLATE OR ESPRESSO! Sweet deal, no?

Tutto Amore Gelato
247 Broadway St
Laguna Beach, CA 92651


RSVP by Leaving a Comment Here on how many people will be attending and I will count you in.
If over 100 people RSVP, the owner has generously enough offered to hire LIVE MUSIC as well so it should be a great event. I hope all of you can join me in some great Gelato. Mind you that I have not tried it, but for FREE... I am willing to give it a go! Then you can review it or tell the owner how you feel directly. Also I am going to give him a list of suggestions for flavors. Please feel free to let me know what you might like to see! Hope to see you there! ^_^
**I have not been there so the pictures are taken from Flickr except the logo that I had to Print Screen and edit out**


Anonymous said...

OOooh that sounds like so much fun! It's so sad I'll be up north that day! Why don't they have this in LA??? Why Kathleen, why?!

Kat said...

Aww why do you have to go up North! Come back down! ^_^ We still need to to get together sometime when you are free! Call me and let me know! ^_^

Anonymous said...

Hi Kat:
Here's some suggestions for some great gelato flavors. I just visited Florence last month and the memory of my daily visits to Vivoli/Festival del Gelato still linger.

- Bacio (hazelnut and chocolate, named after the candy from Perugia)
- Pistacchio
- Gianduja (creamy milk chocolate and hazelnut)
- Cioccolate all'arancia (chocolate and orange)
- Nocciola (hazelnut only)
- Castagna (chestnut)
- Mandorla (almond)
- Caffe (coffee)
- Fior Di Latte (sweet cream)
- Amarena (sweet cream and cherries)
- Riso (rice pudding)
- Stracciatella - (sweet cream with drizzled chocolate)
- Cannella (cinnamon)
- Cocco (cocanut)
- Tiramisu
- Amaretto (Italian biscuit w/ almond)
- Zabaglione (egg custard with port)
- Malaga (rum raisin)

Kat said...

Oooh so nostalgic! I was there last year but I never knew they had the Festival del Gelato. That sounds fabulous!

I actually went to Tutto Amore Gelato tonight and checked them out. They had some of the flavors and some new ones they are testing out. I love Bacio, Gianduja, and more. I will forward this message over for the owner to see. I would love to see all the flavors again. It makes me so nostalgic.

If you are in the area, please come to the event! I think it will be a lot of fun and I would love chatting with you about Florence. Beautiful place! ^_^

Anonymous said...

Hey Kathleen, I'm definitely going and bringing Thomas along. I hope that's cool. :) I'll see you then!

Anonymous said...

hi Kat, I'm for it, count me in and Rich plus 5 more so a total of seven. See you there around 11:30ish. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

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