Saturday, October 25, 2008

Eiji : Just For ST! ^_^

Alright this will be the beginning of a new format for the titles of each post. The restaurant name will be first and separated by a space and a colon then the title will follow. This post was rushed to appease ST! ^_^ Not that he has called me or anything since I am extending my stay by a week! **cough cough** So as soon as ST got back from Costa Rica we planned a night to meet up. I decided on Eiji because of their famous Mochi Strawberry, which they ran out of! =***( It would be wise to book reservations because it's an extremely tiny place and packed. We were seated immediately and we found parking easily. What we didn't find was the restaurant. Maybe we were too caught up in our conversation and we kept passing by it, but also they are really inconspicuous.

We sat there and debated for a while on what to order. Eventually we made a long list of what we'd like to start out with. I wanted to get the Steamed Wild Duck Breast on the specials. It's quite EXPENSIVE for the amount of food you get. They are tiny thin slices atop a vegetable, but each piece was packed full of flavor. I can't quite decide if I loved the texture, but the meat was a little on the dryer side for my liking. The flavor lingered in my mouth and was very tasty, but it only made me hungry for more food! Luckily I ordered this because nothing came out for another 30-45 minutes! We were both starving and eagerly awaiting more food! O=PFinally after looking around greedily they brought out the huge platter with everything we ordered. Of course we were enjoying our chat, but Itadakimasu! We dug in and started sharing the food. ST wanted to try the Awabi (Abalone) and I decided to order Uni (Sea Urchin) in honor of Ms. Lin's absence! We made a compromise and shared the two. I personally detest abalone's extremely chewy texture and lack of flavor. Their's was your typical abalone with no flavor or sauce on it. Normally I hate uni too, but lately I am starting to tolerate it more. It was decently fresh. They gave a huge generous portion and the flavor was only so-so. I wasn't too thrilled about the Katsuo (Bonito).We both ordered Toro (Fatty Tuna) because it is the best fish! ST ordered Sake (Salmon) and Maguro (Tuna). We shared the Shiromaguro (White Tuna). I ordered Amaebi (Sweet Shrimp), Negihama (Yellowtail Scallion Roll), and Hotate (Scallop). The fish were decently fresh and had a soft texture. It was ST's first time trying white tuna and he enjoyed it. They usually are white ono and I have always liked the slight chewier but smooth texture of the fish. The amaebi and hotate were just your normal everyday sushi that you can buy at Mitsuwa. I never got my heads! So robbed! =*( They probably ate the crunchy goodness by themselves! lol
The food disappeared immediately and we started to order more. ST got more salmon and some Hamachi (Yellowtail). I had to have more toro and ordered a filler roll, the Rock n Roll. It's just Ungai (Freshwater Eel) and Avocado inside. There was nothing special about this roll, kind of flavorless. All the flavor was washed away by the rice. The hamachi was a very nice cut and melted in your mouth. I was tempted to order more but I just didn't want to sit there too much longer. The best fish of the night would have to be the yellowtail for taste, cut, and freshness.
When they came by to order dessert, I immediately asked for their special that they didn't list. She apologized that they were out! **sobs** If I only knew earlier from Ms. Lin to pre-order them! Darn! I was too depressed to order dessert and ST decided to try their daily dessert, Yokan. It's Sweet Potato mixed with Agar to make the gel/pudding and topped with Vanilla Ice Cream. I only took a small bite of the colorful purple dessert. You can taste the potato and velvety texture with microbits embedded. It's not bad if you like sweet potatoes. I am still sad that I didn't get the pretty mochi! >_<#
All in all the food was only okay and kind of pricey for certain things! Their regular sushi is not as expensive, it's just normal pricing. The service is fine but EXTREMELY SLOW! How long does it take to cut fish?? It's not really a sushi bar... maybe I should have ordered cooked food? Seems like it comes out much faster than raw stuff. I think I was underwhelmed but I did enjoy the company! Isn't that what really matters? Of course it's fun trying out new places so I will chalk this up as an experience. As for me I would never come back to this place again, but since I missed out on the dessert and Ms. Lin said that their mochi is pretty good... I need to go back! Just for the dessert! Can we say, Take Out! O=P


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