Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Here are more pictures that I promised. I loved how vibrant the seafood looked that day. It might have been better if went when the festival started because the food just tasted fresher than towards the end. I went on Friday and I thought the food was a lot fresher and tastier than what I tried again on Saturday. Originally I was planning to buy a box of the fresh Squid, Roe, and Seaweed, but I tried it again Sat and didn't quite like it as much.
I tried their Croquetttes and was suckered into buying 3 flavors for $11 just to save $1. At first I really regretted this because I chose Salmon as my last choice and I didn't really like it. Then afterwards I had nothing to eat that day afterwards that it was a life-saver to have it leftover to munch on. O=) The salmon inside was a little dry and hard, unlike the Shrimp and Crab Croquettes.
The Crab Croquette actually had a decent amount of crab inside. Since I bought the Crab Bentos, now I realize what a deal the croquettes were. They gave a good amount of meat compared to how much you spend for the whole pieces. If only I knew... I would have chose two of these over the salmon one. The flavor was subtle and had a crisp texture.
I was deceived by the size of the Shrimp Croquette. There was a lot of coating on a tiny shrimp. The flavor was still good and maintained a crisp texture. I just wished it was a bigger shrimp, but still a lot better than the salmon croquette.
Luckily I was at Mitsuwa earlier that week and had a Sky Time Yuzu drink in my bag to satisfy my thirst. The drink wasn't what I expected. It's a watered down Yuzu drink. Sigh. If anyone knows where I can get a really good Yuzu drink please do tell! ^_^
Unfortunately on Saturday, they ran out of the Soft Serve Milk flavor. =*( I was forced to try the La France Pear Flavor Soft Cream. It wasn't that sweet but you could definitely taste the pear flavor. This really did taste like a pear. Maybe if it was creamier it would have been better. I really wanted to get the Milk flavor. Bummer. =*(
At least I got to pick up some delicious snacks! Yum Yum! I got 3 bags of Scallop with Cheese. **drool drool** They were very tasted and only enhanced by the bit of cheese stuffed in them. If only they didn't cost an arm and a leg. This isn't the first time I have bought something like this, so it's not surprising the prices are very high. It's $15 for a bag and I don't even think there is 15 pieces in one. Oh well, I bought it and I will enjoy them! ^_^
Burumun tried some of my soft serve and decided to get a Strawberry Cream Puff instead. She said the cream was good but there wasn't much of it. I mean they looked really pretty, but nothing too special. Maybe next time Burumun is down here I will take her to Cream Pan for some awesome Strawberry Croissants! ^_- Overall the fair was fun and I can't wait for the next one!


ila said...

holy crap, that's a lot of food! i didn't try the crab bento because of the hefty price tag... oye, now i regret it so.

Kat said...

I totally know what you mean! When I saw the crab bento, I stood there brooding and pondering. I walked away and then I had to walk back. I was kicking myself the whole time I was waiting to pay, but I knew I'd regret it more later.

Maybe they will have it next time? ^_^

H. C. said...

Reading both your hokkaido fair posts, count me as another who'd wish I sprang for the crab bento... oh well, next year ;)

At the Torrance one, it was the "La France" soft serve that ran out, but at least now I know it tastes like pear and not . . . French people living in LA? But the milk flavor was indeed milky and rich and dreamy delish!

Kat said...

Aww now you make me really want the Milk Flavor! ^_^ I guess OC people don't like pears? French people living in LA? Eww I don't even want to think about that flavor =P

The Crab Bento was good. Expensive! But good. I would offer up some but I ate it all the day of. I think I have some of the sticky rice left??? It's okay, we will be eating Lobster tomorrow! ^_^

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