Monday, September 15, 2008

There's just so much to post that I am going to have to split it into parts. Sorry for not being up to date on the posts. So much has been happening this week and I have not really been home to do anything. I promise to finish the B-day posts, just stay tuned! ^_^ I like to keep you all hanging. O=) On Saturday I went with Burumun to the Hokkaido Fair because I promised her. I have been up in Costa Mesa this entire week so I have seen the fair inside and out. It was much busier on Saturday afternoon. Luckily I found parking pretty fast and a good space away from the tiny spaces where people are more likely to hit your car. I am not lying, I saw it last time I was here for Ramen Festival at Mitsuwa. They are ruthless about hitting other people's cars. =***(
I took more time to explore all the goodies and it was a totally different feel than it was on Friday. We immediately went to get the Asameshimaeda Shoyu Ramen. It's in its usual place of taking over the Udon place. The tough part was finding a seat, but we were eventually able to get one. Burumun and I decided to share the ramen because my B-day dinner was only 2 hrs away! LOL Yup, we are that greedy for food. I liked the shoyu ramen today more than the one for the Ramen Festival. This might actually be the exact same ramen. I feel that today's was less salty and more flavorful.
While we were looking for a table I saw someone eating Roasted Squid so I asked Burumun to look for it when she went browsing and I was holding the table. They are so cute! They looked so yummy! I just wished that it was a little bit more flavorful and saltier but I really enjoyed the whole experience. They come in this cute bento box and they are stuffed with sticky rice. I think the sticky rice takes away the flavor as it doesn't have much flavor by itself. You would think it would accentuate the taste of the squid but it did the opposite. I thought they were so cute, I bought a separate box to take home to share with my family. ^_^
After Burumun came back, I went out searching for goodies. She really shouldn't have left me alone! I came back after a little while minus $90. Here is partly why... I couldn't resist the Hokkaido Crab Bento Box. OMG they looked SOOOO YUMMY! They also cost an arm AND a leg. I paid $30 for a small bento box. Amai! The crab was very sweet and delectable. It's very sweet and light to the taste. This definitely was not your normal crab. Was it worth the money? It's debatable, but I am glad I bought some. I wish they would sell them by itself and maybe for a slightly cheaper price. O=)


Keizo said...

No kidding! My car got hit at the last fair. I'll never park in those spots behind Angotei again...haha Anyway, I agree with you that the ramen tasted better compared to back in Feb.

I didn't know you had this site too. You really are a true foodie! And did you mention that it was your b-day? Happy birthday!

Kat said...

OMG was it your car that I saw that got hit in Feb?? Yah, that center is not known for the parking. I rather circle around to look for a spot than park in that narrow pathway behind Angotei.

Thanks for the B-day wish! ^_^ You could have joined Burumun and a bunch of our friends for a nice dinner by the beach. We are always looking for more foodie pals!

Are you going to Lobster Fest?

Keizo said...

Maybe it was! It was minor but still nobody even left a note or anything. Some people have no class. Oh well...

Lobster Fest sounds really really fun and delicious and I would love to meet you and your friends. Unfortunately I have plans but let me see if I can rearrange them...haha.

Kat said...

Aww I am glad it's only minor, but yes... no class at all! I would totally blow a gasket if my car was hit. Every time I go to Mitsuwa, especially during a festival, I am so paranoid! Darn them for making me come back by offering delicious food! =P

Ha ha. You can just bring them along! ^_- The more the merrier. My friend and I are planning to leave around 10:30 AM and arrive hopefully by 11:30 AM. Got to get yourself that yummy Lobster! ^_^

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