Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I have been going to Tomoe every time I go to NY. So that makes it 3x? Ms. Lin recommended this place to me. These are photos from our first trip, so bare in my that it is kind of old but still good! ^_^ Be sure to check out the times of Tomoe because they are not open for lunch on certain days... it's quite odd but worth the effort. My Mom and I were there 1/2 an hour or more early and there was already a line. It is popular for a reason.
The first time I went, Ms. Lin did NOT tell me what to order. It ended up being super expensive and I was really upset about a lot of stuff. I was tempted by the Stewed Toro and ordered it for lunch. The dish was flavorful but I think Toro should be eaten raw. I haven't really had any Toro dish that's fully cooked that I liked. Seared is fine, but that's as far as it should ever go. It's a crime to cook it! Lol Of course I had to cleanse my palette by having a nice piece of Super Toro. YUM YUM! It pretty expensive per piece but if you LOVE Toro like me, then you will just have to bite the bullet. O=9 The scallops were fresh and tasty too.
Here is what you should order if you come for lunch. Now I know what is the best deal and why Ms. Lin recommended this place. Friendly advice, brings CASH! My first meal ended being over $100 and I was upset at Ms. Lin for not telling me what to order! So I am telling you all now what is the best deal in this place. If you come for lunch be sure to get the Sashimi Lunch Plate or even the Sushi would be a much better deal than ordering it separately. They will stuff the plate full of tasty and generously cut fish. It's almost the exact same as ordering it separately. Also this is only about $20 versus $4 and up per piece. What a deal! Now I go every time I am there. It's worth the wait! ^_^ **Look Tofu another NY post!**


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