Thursday, September 11, 2008


What an awful way to start Year 26. Yes, I am not ashame to say how old I am. With age comes wisdom and beauty! That's my motto! ^_- So far this week has been horrendous. As you can see I haven't been on or able to blog. My Grandmother is 91 years old and she has been deteriorating in health. So I have been helping to take care of her these past few days, but we decided to take her to a hospital just in case. She has been in the hospital since Monday and I pulled a muscle or snapped my back carrying her to the car. Yes, I am getting old and becoming crippled.What a great way to start off the week huh? I hope she can come home soon, but I don't know if she is really getting the right treatment. As I have been to MV Hospital a billion times, they aren't the greatest hospital. I should have a frequent buyer card for there, I'd be getting a free visit by now. They are horrible and incompetent a lot of the times. So my B-day, Wednesday, was a great disaster and full of distress. The nice part was that Coconut and I were able to have a very nice dinner. It was a TAD on the expensive side, but I think she enjoyed it so that's good.
As the week has gone on, things keep getting worse and worse! I swear that I am going to pull the rest of my hair out. My head hurts just even thinking about it. Where's my Advil?? @_@ Today just got 10x worse. Apparently someone stole my Discover Card number and has been using it like crazy, and on my B-day no less. OU BATHARD! *South Park Joke* Then I get home today and I see my MV Hospital Bill from Blue Cross for the June incident... Yay! Blue Cross COMPLETELY messed up my claim. They somehow decided to file it under my UCLA Insurance. By the way I graduated a while back, so that obviously would be rejected. So I have to keep calling and dealing with incompetent idiots for the next week. On top of that, my lawyer has not sent the documents I need for my car accident case... the list just goes ON AND ON.

Let's just say I am NOT having a great B-day and I would like to shoot myself or punch things. Any volunteers?? lol Where is a stuffed animal that I hate so I can thrash it around. >_<#


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