Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Always A Great Time!

Whenever I am up in the Bay Area I have to go to the Farmer's Market on Saturdays at the Ferry Building. It's just tradition! I love picking up the awesome and delicious Indian food! The sauces are wonderful. All the samosas and paratha are great too. It's a little bit on the expensive side, but hey we are in SF after all! ^_^ They have tons of fresh fruits, cheese, fish, meats, and MORE! It's great, but be sure to bring lots and lots of cash! There will be tons of samples there too.
I always stroll to the far back to get my favorite Salmon Jerky Sticks. They have pretty good Smoked Salmon, but this place really costs a FORTUNE. I picked up two pieces of tiny salmon one time and that cost me almost $80. I mean they tasted good, but not THAT good. ^_^ So I will stick with my $3 salmon sticks. All in it's just great to walk around when it's sunny and cool. You can pick up snacks, produce, and great food inside... which will be the next post!


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