Friday, August 22, 2008

'Til We Meet Again

Hopefully in Paris... but most likely in NY or back in CA, which I will take as well.
I love this picture and I am sure Tofu would too. After all, it's Paris! How can you not love that?! As of today, the 26th, Tofu has left for the East Coast. So I thought I should pay a small tribute to his departure. We will all miss him and his witty & sassy attitude. Things will not be as entertaining now. I will also miss his companionship to all these food adventures. **cough cough** Looking for new applicants to take his place! Lol Did I type that here right next to his farewell? Oh well! That's what he gets for leaving us! lol j/k

No no... we will miss him dearly, but he will definitely keep in touch... hopefully! =P Now there will be 2 reasons to go visit NY... he's just added sugar on top lol I wish him a safe and happy journey. May he find wonderful new beginnings. May he be surrounded by people who will truly understand how blessed they are to have him around. May he find his dream job with an expense account! ^_- May he find great happiness there!


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