Wednesday, August 20, 2008


For those of you who like fresh Coconut to drink you might want to stop by 99 Ranch. It's 79 cents each or $6.99 a case. I bought mine at the location off of Jefferey in Irvine. They were surprisingly juicy! I pointed out that they were mis-priced and they changed it immediately.
Tonight when I went home I split 5 of them open for the family. Yes, I am that powerful. I can chop the lid off and open the top for a straw in less than a minute each. =P Over half of my case is gone now, I just might need to head back tomorrow to pick up more. They weren't that sweet but they were super juicy and refreshing! If they were just a little sweeter they'd be heavenly! It was really easy splitting the rest of the coconut to get to the meat. So not bad!


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