Wednesday, August 6, 2008

HomeMade Goodness! ^_^

Nothing beats homemade! I haven't had homemade Chive Pockets. They are often sold in supermarkets and certain Chinese restaurants. There's nothing like home! You can season it to your own liking and pan-fry it to perfection. My Mom called me in the morning to let me know that they made a fresh batch of chive pockets. She told me to call my Aunt before I left the house so they would be fresh and ready to eat when I get there. It's great to have family who loves you! As I stepped out of the car I could smell them and they were ready for me to gobble down.
Of course I mixed my own sauce of vinegar, sesame oil, and soy sauce to dip them in. The insides were filled with tofu, noodles, chives, and thin slices of egg. All I can say is YUM YUM. After hearing that I get special treatment, I immediately called Ms. Lin to rub it in her face since she lives so far away. What are sisters for!?! ^_- It's her fault that she doesn't live close by to share the joy, but no worries... I will eat her share! O=)


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