Thursday, July 17, 2008

Just The Way I Like It!

Still tastes great and reasonable prices. I really liked Le Diplomate the first time I went. Their sandwiches are loaded with Garlic Sauce! They had me at Garlic! ^_- SOOOO SAD that I won't be going to Gilroy with Burumun this year. I really want to go, but I will be in San Diego with Ms. Lin... =*( Today we went to Cream Pan to get some delicious Strawberry Croissants, but we went a little too late >_<# so there was NOTHING left. SOB SOB SOB As Tofu and I were both hungry, we went to Le Diplomate near UCI for something cheap and good. I needed a Vietnamese Iced Coffee, which is only $2 for a small cup. For my sandwiches, I had to get the Garlic Chicken and I decided to get the Chicken Club with extra Garlic Sauce. YUM YUM! I think from now on I will get the Chicken Club because it comes with lots of Crisp Bacon, Tomato, Swiss Cheese, and lots of Garlic Sauce! **drool drool drool** A picture says a thousand words! So I decided to put two here for show! ^_-


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