Saturday, July 12, 2008

After lunch at Olives, we decided to head towards the end of the Strip. On the way there, we were stopped at the light so I took the time and risk to stick my head, camera, & hand outside in the blistering heat to take some fun photos. I don't think I have passed by the Excalibur before, so I thought it would be very cute to take a photo of the hotel. It's very nice on the outside and I am sure it's appealing to little kids. I guess you could say that would be a nice family-oriented hotel. Hence I will avoid it like the plague!! B of E's!! =P
The parking structure for the Luxor is HORRIBLE. We circled around for a really long time trying to find parking. They really should expand the structure because it's only 2 small levels. The Mandalay Bay parking lot was full. If they want people to come to their casino to gamble or stay, they should really consider expanding! We ended up parking at the rooftop in the sweltering heat. I delayed my entrance to the hotel and increased my sun exposure just to get some photos. ^_- The Mandalay Bay hotel and THEhotel looks very nice from the outside. It's even better on the inside. Darn them for being sold out for the week that I'm there or I would be staying there! BOO!Our Dad really enjoyed the Luxor. He actually coined it to be the best hotel on the Strip! We were like, "Umm... Okay..." He based it solely on the unique structure and theme. I took an upward view of the apex and a slanted shot of the inclinator from the outside. He was so curious about how their elevators work that he decided to explore around. So we waited and joined a group to go on the inclinator. It's very interesting because you are being pulled up sideways. Maintaining balance was a little awkward because you're sliding sideways, but there's nowhere for you to grab onto.
They also have an Obelisk that constantly changes colors to seem mystical. Ms. Lin asked me to photograph it, so I decided to add it to the shots! ^_^ They did do a very nice job in the carvings and they were very intricate in detail. Even the smallest things have carvings. Our Dad commented that we should be thankful to him because we would have never seen this unless he dragged us here. Little does he know... I am staying here this upcoming Sat-Mon! I am going to see more than he is. O=P


Bumblebee said...

What is B of E's?

Btw, have you thought about what would happen if your dad starts reading your blog?!

Kat said...

I thought about it for like ONE second and then decided he's never going to read my blog. I don't think he has ever. He doesn't use the computer ever and he could care less about my site. So I am safe ^_^ but I am telling the whole world what I am doing! ^_-

The lie we are collectively telling him is that I am going to be up in LA at Burumun's. TEE HEE! ^_^

Anonymous said...

I luv Vegas! We stayed @ Luxor before. Everytime Rich and I take the inclinator I felt weird :)

Kat said...

Oh I totally didn't see th ? for B of E's! Sorry BumbleBee! I can't say it online... ask Ms. Lin.. she should know! ^_- It's not a very nice phrase, but funny! O=)

Kat said...

I agree Lil Bel! The inclinator is so weird b/c you are moving in a weird way and there's nowhere to grab onto! >_<#

We should go to Vegas sometime together! ^_- I will be in Vegas by this time tomorrow. O=9

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