Friday, June 6, 2008

So which place sells the best ice cream? If only the answer was that simple. They each have their own perks and specialties. Of course this also depends on the person's preference. None of them was hands down the best. I will do a simple break down of what's so special about them and I will even make it really simple. Ici

  • Best cones, hands down... no wonder they sell them in bulk!
  • Unique flavors that vary
  • Has the cutest store decor and the most baked good choices
  • Way too long wait & ran out of most flavors towards the end of the night
  • Best flavor for me, the Salted Caramel
  • Cones were just your regular sugar cones
  • Ice cream was melted
  • Some unique flavors
  • Medium wait time, they turn over faster but not as good customer service
  • Has the most choices in flavor
  • Very creamy ice cream
  • Short/Medium wait time
  • Cones were your typical waffle cones, nothing special
  • Has it's own parking lot
So who do I like the best in taste... so hard to say! I really loved the delectable cone at Ici! I think Mitchell's is a good ice cream place, but nothing that I would crave a lot. As for Bi-Rite, I would really like to have the salted caramel again! I feel that Ici didn't have a fair chance because they ran out of all the flavors when we got there. It's no doubt that Mitchell's would be my third choice, it's just hard to say who's number 1! Despite not being able to try any of the flavors I wanted at Ici, I must give them credit that the Brandied Cherry ice cream was pretty good even when I disdain cherries in my ice cream. The good thing is you can buy the delicious cone from Ici and buy a tub of the salted caramel then you will have the best of both worlds! I think if Ici was closer, I'd more likely frequent them than Bi-Rite but only slightly. O=P


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