Monday, June 30, 2008

Zinc Details is the shop near SPQR. They have a wide variety of very unique items. There were so many cute items that cost you an arm and a leg, but well worth it! The people there were super friendly and sweet. They were so nice that I would go back just to visit them! All the items there were designer items with a unique twist. They carry many items from diALESSI that you find displayed in Pinkberry's. I could NOT resist leaving the store without buying something cute for home. Even though I am not working now and have no income coming in, I had to splurge for an item. Ms. Lin bought these adorable spoons that are heart shaped. Maybe ONE day she will use them. O=P lol I bought the Plastic Bunny Chasing the Carrot Paper Towel Roll. This one thing alone was over $50 and YES it's plastic! Still, it's so cute! I tried to embody the cuteness in a minute by taking photos as the bunny gets closer to the goal. It's a simple design, but cute! So imagine a full roll of paper towel between the bunny and the carrot and as the paper towel starts to run out, the bunny gets closer to the goal. Until he gets the prized carrot! Yummy! ^_^

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