Saturday, June 21, 2008

Avoiding The Heat!!

So on Friday to avoid the heat in SoCal, Tofu and I went to see the movies. We saw Get Smart with Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway. Since I didn't have any great expectations or barely any at all, I actually liked it. Overall it was entertaining. I mean it wasn't like the best movie in the world and there were a lot of errors or give-aways. What do you expect from these type of movies. It's a remake from an old show, of course it's corny and easy to solve. The fun is just to watch the stupidity and action scenes. I have seen some of the old series, so it disturbs me that Anne Hathaway is the female counterpart. They are like a father and daughter to me, so it kind of grosses me out. Still, the movie was entertaining.
I really didn't want to watch The Incredible Hulk because the first movie was a disaster. At least they have better graphics for this one. The story wasn't anything special. It was just entertaining and a little violent at the end. I have to say though, Liv Tyler can NOT act! The Strangers was bad enough! Here she plays a brilliant scientist. Are you KIDDING ME!?!? Not only has she gotten uglier, I think that her acting skills keep getting worse and worse. There was one scene where she was suppose to look at him endearingly, she looked like she wasn't even paying attention. If you get over the HORRENDOUS acting of Liv Tyler, the story is interesting and Edward Norton is always a good actor. Overall it was entertaining with definite flaws as well, bad casting of Liv Tyler that's for sure.

I thought that Get Smart was better than The Incredible Hulk because I was more entertained and had more fun. This could all just be because I like comedy better than the story of the Hulk. Ironically, Tofu liked The Incredible Hulk more than Get Smart. He shouldn't have had any expectations before seeing any movie. Like Homer says, "The first step to failure is trying." Such smart words! ^_^ I had no expectations and even lower expectations for The Incredible Hulk and I still liked Get Smart more. To each their own I guess.


Anonymous said...

I love The Office so I want to see Get Smart. The preview looks really funny. I actually thought about going to the movie to avoid the heat today also. haha...

Anonymous said...

Going to the movies is great on a hot day like this entire weekend. You should just kick back and relax in the theatre or go to the mall where it's nicely air-conditioned ^_-

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