Monday, May 19, 2008

Refreshing On A Hot Day

After we ate some of the baked goods from the Golden Gate Bakery we decided to stay in Chinatown a while longer since we never really go there anymore. I wanted to drink some nice refreshing milk tea and what better place to get one than Chinatown. Ms. Lin recommended Ten Ren, which I have already been to in Richmond and had a bad experience with service. Then she suggested somewhere else since there were plenty of places around. I told her that despite the service the drink was fine so I am willing to give this one in Chinatown a try. This store was full of herbs and various products on one side and in the back. The drink bar was within the store and the space was pretty tight.
Ms. Lin decided to try the Honey Lemon Tea with Aloe. It was very sweet and flavorful. To me, it tasted a little like flowery soap but still good. The aloe was very delectable and firm. I wanted to get the same drink I ordered at the other place and they didn't give me any trouble. The Passion Fruit Milk Green Tea was good, but it tasted different from the one in Richmond. They must be using a different syrup. All in all it was nice and refreshing on that hot Friday. People stopped us to ask where we got the drink. I guess they looked good. ^_^

Ten Ren

949 Grant Ave
San Francisco, CA 94108
(415) 362-0656
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