Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Must See!

I have to recommend these videos on YouTube to everyone. It's a must see! I love Guillermo! It all began on Dancing with the Stars with his lovely gowns dancing with Jimmy Kimmel. He is so funny and looks so cute in all the funny outfits that Jimmy Kimmel puts him in. When I say cute, I don't mean good looking, he's more hilarious cute. The best part is his superb pronunciation of English words and the smartest definitions. Ms. Lin and I have spent many nights watching clips with him in it. O=P

My other favorite video of his is the Borne Ultimatum! You have to watch this Ms. BumbleBee. It's the greatest! We often laugh and joke about this video. Matt Damon has a great sense of humor. You will probably be speaking lines from this clip after you watch them. I can't help but watch these clips over and over again. I know how sad that sounds, but I love watching the funny things Guillermo does! ^_^ After seeing these skits, I give a lot more credit to Jimmy Kimmel.

Oh and this video is just so cute! I had to put it on! I love all dogs! Personally, I am not a huge fan of the Welsh Corgi but I would take this one home ANY DAY! ^_^ Ms. Lin has volunteered to dog sit for any of her friends if they got this puppy. It's just too cute to miss!

This videos a funny one too. It only goes to show you how important food can be and how vicious people can be to get to it! Meowr! No one should stand before me and my food! ^_-

Since I linked that other video, I must show this one too. It's hilarious versus the other one where the cat's just mean. In here, it's only a food block. I am sure we all do that to people. In the famous word's of Cartman from South Park, "NO Kitty! That's MY Pot Pie!" O=p

I want a pet like that! Who needs to pay someone gobs and gobs of money to get those knots out of your shoulders when you have a great pet like that!

I guess you can call this paying tribute to YouTube and my love for both Guillermo and Cute Animals! I hope you enjoy the videos! Please feel free to leave any comments about them. I love discussing them! Since I had to pull these videos off of YouTube, I discovered more cute videos to see. It's so addictive that's why I try my best to avoid that site. You can seriously spend hours on that site, so bad..... O=p


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