Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Can You Tell?

On Friday Ms Lin and I headed over to Asia de Cuba in SF. She raved about their lunch menu and I really enjoyed the Asia de Cuba in LA. Ever since that time, I have been thinking about the wonderful food and the awesome White Sangria that the table next to us was drinking. The decor of the Asia de Cuba in SF was dramatically different from the one in LA. Here it was more dark and elegant versus at home it was white and airy. You can dine outside overseeing LA, but here it was all indoors. Both have their own charms. They have a really nice bar located inside as well.

We decided to try the White Sangria, but here it was just loaded with alcohol. There wasn't any real fruits in there except tiny tiny pieces of fruit. It wasn't what I'd imagine it to be, don't order it here. I would definitely try it again when I go back to the LA location! ^_- For the appetizer we chose to get the Tunapica. It's tuna tartare picadillo style with Spanish olives, black currants, almonds, coconut, soy-lime vinaigrette, and wonton chips. The tuna did not look very fresh in my opinion. Ms. Lin commented that the amount of wonton chips changes depending on how many people order the appetizer, which was unfair in the amount given. They probably give the same amount of fish but definitely skimp on the wontons. The flavor was only decent to me, it was not what I expected. To me it's just your typical tuna tartare that you can get anywhere, but maybe just a little better.
Both Ms. Lin and I chose to get the Lobster Club Sandwich. It's her favorite there and the portion was extremely generous. We debated on getting different dishes and share but nothing looked as appealing as this one. It's Maine lobster meat, ginger-mango mayo, lettuce, tomato, and applewood smoked bacon. There was a lot of lobster for sure! It wasn't the best lobster meat of course but I am not complaining because I love lobster! The more the better! **drool drool** I really liked the ginger-mango mayo because you could not really taste the ginger but a very delectable fruity blend of passion fruit and mango. Yum Yum! Burumun, we need to check out Asia de Cuba in LA again! ^_- Ms. Lin and I chose different sides. I chose the Mojito Fries and she decided to get the Edamame & Black Beans. The fries were delicious and plentiful. They were packed full of flavor! A mixture of garlic, parsley, and alcohol. The edamame & black beans were a disappointment here, I had them in LA and they tasted great. In SF they were very bland and you could not taste the Yuzu at all. Go with the Mojito fries, you can't go wrong!All in all the food was good, but the best part was the Lobster Club! YUM YUM! Although you pay the price for it, but it's worth it! The decor was very nice, a little dark for lunch. I really liked the center cross table that illuminated. It would probably be a great place to grab a drink. The booths were cute and comfy, a very modern feel. The service was fine, but we sat near the kitchen area and the staff was very loud in chatting. They were not busy for lunch even on a Friday, so they should know not to have loud conversations while they were working. That's the one thing I didn't like, but other than that they were very friendly. I'd go back for the Lobster Club! Can you tell I liked it? Can you tell these pictures were actually from my cell phone? I hope I did a good enough job editing to hide the truth. O=P

Asia de Cuba

495 Geary St
San Francisco, CA 94102
(415) 929-2300
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