Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Buying Your Own Dessert

I really wanted some more Sesame Ice Cream, but I didn't see any of that at Nijiya in Japan Town. So instead I picked out a dessert that looked good AND was on sale at Nijiya. O=P Might as well save and enjoy the dessert at the same time. The Hokkaido Milk Ice Cream within a Waffle-like Enclosure. It looked delectable from the packaging and it was only $1.79, so I said why not. I thought the waffle was a crispier layer, but it was a soft texture that resembled the taste of a cake cone. Ms. Lin made a justified comment as to what do you expect when it's frozen. The milk ice cream was delicious and light, even thought it was very creamy. I love Japanese food because they make everything very light and airy. It was a nice way to end a meal.


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