Sunday, April 20, 2008

For dinner tonight, we decided to try out Little Star Pizza. This place sure is a crowd favorite if you look at the reviews online. We went there after shopping at Costco in SF and had the hardest time finding this place. It really seems like a secret place that only true San Franciscans would know. Don't expect any huge signs or anything to give away this places location. They only have a tiny square sign in front of the door that say Little Star Pizza and the windows were all heavily tinted. It looks like a secret night club or a closed building. We found it when Ms. Lin noticed someone coming out with a pizza box. =)
We ordered take out as we were shopping in Costco and we were both starving. As soon as I got in the car we started to eat the Spicy Chicken Wings, it's a pound of wings served with baby carrots and blue cheese dressing. The wings were not bad. They reminded me of jerked chicken wings. Again, I must mention that food usually tastes a lot better when starving. It wasn't spicy in my opinion but still flavorful. There's not really any sauce on it except some remnant chili oil. The blue cheese dressing was delicious and I liked dipping my wings in there to get a kick! It's a TRUE blue cheese dressing that left your mouth a little numb because it was so pungent. If you don't like strong cheeses then this sauce would not be for you.
Ms. Lin wanted to try their original and most well known pizza, whilst I wanted to get the thin crust. We couldn't order two big pizzas so I let her get the Deep Dish with Pepperoni, Salami, and Sausage. They should put a meat lover's pizza as one of their specialties! >_<# I know what I am about to say might angry Ms. BumbleBee, but I only thought the pizza was decent. It was definitely different from all the other Chicago style pizzas I have had. The bottom layer was stuffed with cheese then loaded with toppings and then covered in delicious marinara. I guess they are well known for their corn-meal crust, which I actually wasn't too big a fan of. The pizza was good and flavorful. It definitely had a lot of toppings and I love the cheesy crust, but I don't know about the price. I guess I haven't been having much high-end pizza in SoCal so I am not use to the price.
All in all this place was good and solid. The service seemed very friendly and it would be a very nice place to dine in, although you definitely wouldn't have thought that if you saw the exterior. If we only knew that the place wasn't super crowded, we would have stopped in to dine. Still, we got to eat in the comfort of our own home and that's just as great! For me, I guess I am very skeptical about paying so much. There are certain things I am not willing to pay more for when I can get it cheaper and still tasty, maybe not as great but definitely good enough for the price. I love pizza and I can eat it all the time, but I do think that price matters for pizza. If I factor the price and everything in, then I would have to give it a more so-so review. Definitely good pizza if you are willing to pay the price!


Anonymous said...

Chicken wings look declicious. Pizza... hmmm... looks like it had too much sauce?
I remember my trip to SF.
Everything seemed to be more expansive than LA.

Anonymous said...

Haha, I am not angry at all! Food is a personal thing and I trust your taste. I personally love Little Star and have not really considered the price-to-food value ratio (uh oh, is that a sign of yuppie-ness?!). Glad you guys at least tried it. Maybe you're not a fan of deep dish?

My new favorite is actually the regular/thin crust pizza at Tommaso's in North Beach (Francis Coppola goes there all the time). Check it out when you have the chance - I hope you like it!

Ms. Bumblebee

Anonymous said...

The wings were good. I think I actually liked the pizza the next day. Ms. Bumblebee you are not yuppy I am just cheap! =9 I love deep dish, I introduced BJ's Pizza to Ms. Lin but I think I am just over it. I love pizza enough that cheap and good is enough for me. I did want to try the Chicken Pesto thin crust at Little Star. Ms. Lin and I will have to check out Tommaso's too ^_-. Thanks for reading my blog Eileen and Ms. Bumblebee! We should explore new places togther!

Anonymous said...

Let me know if you end up going to Tommaso's - I only had pizza there once (usually I get pasta) so would love a second opinion.

Your blog is so much fun! I'm always amazed at how often you update it. The photos are great too - I have got to take more pictures. The only downside is that the blog tends to make me more hungry, so I try to read it after having eaten. :)

Anonymous said...

I've had Little Star four times in the last month (not my fault, I swear), and I'm still drooling from looking at your pictures!

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