Monday, April 14, 2008

Dear Everyone who's kind enough to read my blog,

Thank you for all your support, time, and effort. I haven't been able to post for the last few days because I somehow slept wrong up here in SF and damaged most of the right side of my body. Another theory was that I am not use to the laptop here and there's no proper desk to type on so I somehow acquired "shoulder"-tunnel syndrome. Under Ms. Lin's command, I was banned from using any type of electronic device and minimize usage of my right body. After 3-4 days of grueling pain, lots of pain killers, and some treatments that Ms. Lin was kind enough to do for me... I have recovered a little bit, but not completely yet. I promise that when I feel better you will see a bunch to make up for the days I missed! So much to show and tell!

Unfortunately, one of Ms. Lin's laptops has caught a HORRIBLE virus and that had a lot of the photos I'd edited already. This did not help since I need that laptop to photo edit. We are working hard to get that fixed and I will soon resume editing, but not too much at first with my right shoulder/body out of whack. We are having a horrible day as well. On Sunday we drove to Fisherman's Wharf and almost got in a HORRENDOUS car accident! For those of you who know me, NOT AGAIN! I haven't been having the best of luck with cars. Luckily we are safe and not hit by the psychotic driver fleeing from the police! I took it as a sign that we shouldn't be going to Fisherman's Wharf, so we left!

Below is a cute picture of Mango's dog, Kona! Hope you enjoy this cute fella! I will try my best to have two or three posts up by tomorrow or earlier!
-----<@Thanks again for your support! @>-----


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