Thursday, April 3, 2008

Guess who's got a special guest appearance! I have labeled the areas where Ms. Lin appears! The almighty has decided to grace us with her presence. =-P I labeled her the "Real World" style, so keep an eye out for her and be sure to check out her site Ms. Lin Guide. I guess you can say she inspired me to start my own site and helped me start the site.
Even though I just left today, I miss all my peeps down there! Come up and visit me in San Francisco while I am still here ^_-. You can go on many foodie adventures with me! Although I don't live here, I know where all the great eats are. Those of you who know me and have been here with me can vouch for the places I've taken them. Keep checking back daily for my adventures up North mixed in with the SoCal posts that I am still catching up on. This is just a random side note, but I think I was a Rain Goddess in my previous life! Every where I go it rains! As soon as my plane landed and I stepped out with my luggage at the airport it started to rain! This also happened to me in Morocco and that was the Sahara dessert area!
I must confess though that this laptop I am using has many issues and I almost gave up posting today. It's like 5:30AM and I barely managed to do the photo edits for one entry! I HATE this laptop. I must work 100X harder now for each post, but I promise you that I will try for at least 1 post a day!
Since I landed in South Bay, in SJC airport, we had to visit my favorite snack place! For those of you who lived around Cupertino or Milpitas, you know the daily joy of Q-cup!!! They don't have the greatest drinks with pearls, but their snacks rock! I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE Q-pop Chicken! I'd kill for them! I'm actually a pretty good chef, but even I admit that my crispy chicken can't match the heavenly Q-pop chicken! Burumun can back me up too. I've taken her there and she loved it too. Today I got an e-mail from Oreo Bear about his love for Q-pop chicken since he's from the Bay area. The flavor and texture of the chicken is almost indescribable! What really makes the whole thing is the seasonings that are by the counters where you add them to your own liking. Be aware that you might have sneeze attacks from the garlic white pepper seasoning. It's so devilishly good that I can never resist and starts a party in my mouth! The chicken itself is very flavorful, tender, juicy, and crispy on the outside. You can also spice up the entire package by using the red seasoning that kicks it up a notch. I tend to play on the safer side and load it with the garlic white pepper seasoning with a few taps of the spicy side. Be sure to add some seasoning, shake, add more, shake, add more, shake, and keep going until you are delightfully satisfied!As I was editing the photos Ms. Lin and I started to drool! I also ordered the Q-Strip Crêpe. If I think back on it, I think this was one of the first places that I had and crêpes fell in love with it. I tried to show you the coolness of watching them make the crêpes. Hoping to give you the feeling of being there, but let me tell you I don't share my Q-pop chicken! ^_- The skin was nice and soft, yet tasty. I love the corn that they add in along with the mayonnaise and garlic white pepper seasoning. It's pretty good, I don't even mind the vegetable they put in. The strong flavor of the chicken is masked by all the encompassing elements. It's definitely a more subdued form of having the Q-pop chicken. I love the components individually and together, but I think the Q-pop chicken really shines by itself. It loses the crisp texture once put into the crêpe. You also can't eat as many crêpes as you could chow down on the glorious Q-pop chicken by itself and you get a more flavorful punch since you season it to your own palette. Can you tell I love Q-pop chicken yet? You have no idea how much I wish there was a Q-cup in the OC!!!! If Ms. Lin didn't live in SF now, I'd be at Q-cup EVERY DAY in Cupertino! O=9
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Ms. Lin said...

Yes, you are honored that I made a special cameo on your blog! ^_^ I'm glad you are up here so we can go eat all the good food!

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