Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Seafood Anyone?

This will be a back post from my last trip out to SF. I thought I should post the Swan Oyster Depot that is right next to Sushi Nara. Unfortunately on Sunday when we went, the Swan Oyster Depot was not open or I would have popped in for some fresh crab cocktail for home! It definitely is a small place and you most likely will have to wait outside. We even went on a weekday that's not even during lunch hour and we waited for over 45 minutes. Be sure to bring lots of cash, 'cuz it's cash only! Luckily there was a WaMu right across the street. Parking around there may be tough, so keep that in mind. This place really has kind of a Cheers feel, where everybody knows your name nostalgia. The staff was very friendly and helpful. You will really get to know your neighbors because most likely your hip to hip with them.
To start off the meal we tried the Clam Chowder Soup with Oyster Crackers. In my opinion this was only decent, nothing to die for. I personally like the clam chowder better at Hog Island, which I promise to blog soon! The soup at SOD was more watery than I expected. Maybe I had too high expectations from all the rave reviews online.
I will start off by mentioning something good about this place, the awesome cocktails! I got the Seafood Cocktail that consisted of oysters, crab, big shrimp, and lots of small shrimps. Just to warn you that there's a lot of filler in the bottom. Nonetheless they still give a decent amount of crab and big shrimp. Ms. Lin was jealous of the goodies I had and decided to order some for herself as well. I decided to try their Crab Cocktail, which was pure crab. It's more worth it if you are a devout crab lover! I bought a bunch for home too, but we drove home the next day so I wasn't able to eat it right away and it went bad. =***( Hopefully I have learned my lesson about being greedy, but probably not. As I have said, I tried to go back on Sunday! O=P
Ms. Lin HAD to have her favorite dish Fresh Uni, Sea Urchin. The price was $16 for each sea urchin. It took them a while to bring it out, but they were very friendly. Ms. Lin was upset that it wasn't the amount they had mentioned before but she ate it happily. Her comment was that it was only decent, nothing too exciting. I think she would've liked the uni you get from sushi places more. Another warning that I do try to make my pictures look fantabulous so don't be too fooled but do enjoy the pictures ^_- feel free to drool!
I must say the most ironic thing about this place was the Oysters. We got the 12-piece sampler. It was really really really bad! Oh my goodness! You think a place called the Swan Oyster Depot would be known for their delicious oysters, but that surely was not the case. I have talked to Burumun about this place and she loves it, but she told me that she has never tried their oysters. If you want good fresh oysters, drive over to the Ferry Building and go to Hog Island. It's so much better than hear for oysters and other stuff ^_-.

All in all I did like this place, but I am not too sure about the rave reviews online. I think they have their specialties and definitely a great ambiance. It's definitely a place one should visit if they have time while in SF. The people who stood in front of us were visiting from Spain, so that tells you that it's pretty well-known to locals and tourists. The fun part is that their business card also turns into a sponge. Overall the experience was nice, but I don't know if I would wait in the line again unless I am showing a friend around. Good food for a reasonable price, but keep in mind that this is a seafood place so good price for seafood and cash ONLY. ^_^ Bon appétit!

Swan Oyster Depot

1517 Polk St
San Francisco, CA 94109
(415) 673-1101
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