Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I love having an ice cold drink in hand on a hot day. Slowly it's getting warmer in California and the perfect time to drink Iced Fruit Tea at Tea Station. My favorite place to get tea but one of the most expensive places. My fruit tea can run from $4.80 to $6.80 depending on location. It's a chain but each city has a different price. I like having it in San Gabriel or Rowland Heights where it is much cheaper, unlike Irvine. They all taste about the same so I wait until SG or RH to get it. Until then, I just frequent the other millions of tea & tapioca (boba) places around. The one great thing about the fruit tea is that there is always fresh fruit inside and it's very light & refreshing. You can also "claim" that it's healthy when it really isn't. So why not on a hot day, you deserve a nice cool refreshing pick-me-up! ^_~


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