Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Great Little Snack!

Leave it to Asians to come up with the funkiest yet cutest things. When I first saw the Fried Chicken Snack in Garden Grove, I thought that this would taste awful but it's cute so why not! I am glad I decided to try it because I really like it! Tiny little drumsticks that are very flavorful and cute to play with while you eat. It reminds me of Bugles in size and crunch. They really did a great job in making them taste like fried chicken, but let me clarify it tastes like Asian fried chicken. There was a crunchy panko like crust on the cracker that gives it an extra kick and crunch! They had the regular flavor and a hot barbecue flavor. If I knew they were this yummy, I would have bought a bunch!
I can't decide if they are cheap, worth it, or expensive. The box was only 1.95 oz for $1. They package it pretty cutely too. It opens up like a meal box would at KFC. Since I like it, I am sure I will be willing to pay the price for now until I get sick of it. Sadly, I don't plan to go back to Garden Grove for a while. Sob sob sob sob! Calling out to all my friends, especially Angel J, if any of you go pick me up a few boxes please. Thankies! ^_^


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