Thursday, February 21, 2008

Celebrate tonight! Another one set free from the evil clutches of Quest Diagnostics! Welcome to Un-Employment and a Better Life! I recommended this place because I miss the bread! Sooooo YUMMY! We girls totally chowed down on bread tonight! Someone almost missed out because she was too into the menu, while we all gobbled down the delicious bread and marinara sauce! Don't worry she made up for it by asking for lots more bread, and nothing wrong with that! ^_^
As I said in my previous blog about this place, I will DEFINITELY try an appetizer of bread! I just had to! This came out at the same time as the food and boy! were we full on the free bread! It took a little longer for things to come out this time so we just continued to eat and eat the yummy bread! I liked the Garlic Cheese Roll with Tomato Sauce. The bread is almost the same but stuffed with delicious MELTED cheese! My favorite thing! I like the creamy tomato sauce, I think even more than the marinara. It was great, but I was getting full off of just bread and not complaining about it!
I wanted to try something new this time and asked for a recommendation from the server. She suggested the Spicy Chicken with Eggplant sautéed with garlic, white wine, red chili pepper, olive oil, fresh tomatoes, Parmesan cheese, & basil over spaghetti. It was very tasty and flavorful, much better than the pesto. Sadly I was too full to enjoy the delectable entrée, but from what I had it was delicious. I asked for not too spicy. The only thing was I wished there was more chicken, it was hard to tell since there was a lot of eggplant that blended in. Overall I'd recommend this dish, the red sauce was they way to go!
Against my warning TP had to order Salmon a la Pesto. At first she couldn't even find the entrée, I think that was a sign. Low and behold she also felt that the sauce was bland, but the salmon was cooked to perfection. I think this time the slice of salmon was very generous. I took a bite and the salmon was good. If you must order the pesto, just season it to your own palette and it will be great! Fair warning don't sit on your left overs like TP did =). The sauce was primarily made of olive oil, it does congeal and leak if you crush the container. Still good and edible though!
Fortunately this place has a lot of vegetarian options because two of our friends are vegetarians. A lot of restaurants actually aren't suitable for us to dine together since I am such a carnivore and most places I go only have entrées with meat. Our friend chose the Tortellini Alfredo with green peas and garlic Alfredo sauce. I had a bite and the tortellini was delicious. The sauce was flavorful, although if it were my plate I would've loaded it with Parmesan cheese to add a little more saltiness. Don't take it the wrong way, I load everything with more cheese!
One of our pals ordered a Small 10" Veggie Pizza with Mushrooms, Green Peppers, Tomatoes, Onions, Black Olives, Basil, & hold the Eggplant. I must say, very generous amount of toppings! It looked delicious, I really want to try the pizza some time. The crust looked just the right size and crispness, not too thick and not too thin.
I ordered the Tiramisu again because I liked it the first time. I do agree with my friend that there was a lot more cake than marscapone cheese. You know I am a cheese lover so I agree, but still good. The only thing was that it wasn't as good as the first time in my mind.
Overall I still like this place a lot. Service was good and the owner was there again. It wasn't that busy on a Wednesday night and we were there for a while. The only complaint was the food came out a little slow and I didn't like how my appetizer came with the meal. Other than that, delicious! The best part was my beautiful coupon! Luckily I found it! If you look closely you will see my coupon in the bread picture ^_-. Nothing better than a great meal AND 20% off!!!

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