Monday, February 4, 2008

Everyone talks about this place, therefore I must come try it. It is tucked away in a Ralph's shopping center. This place is really authentic and fun. The staff members are extremely nice and greet you LOUDLY at the door. I only dined on the Yakitori side, but I will definitely go back and try the Ramen side. The prices are very reasonable. They range from 2-5 dollars a skewer. My personal favorite is the Shiso Leaf wrapped in Pork Belly. Delicious flavors!

The best part is the fresh Yuzu in the cute little containers. Normally I would never be caught dead eating vegetables, but the raw cabbage & sauce went really well with all the yakitori skewers. It kind of reminds me of Korean BBQ where you use the leaf to wrap the meat & rice. We also ordered items off the menu that were very delicious. My friend loved the Mushroom Risotto, which was just like chicken rice soup with an Asian twist. The Hamachi was very flavorful and had a greater kick with the Yuzu around.

Got to love yummy cheap food! I only wish this was closer to my house! The best part was coming with a dear friend & catching up.


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