Monday, February 11, 2008

This small bakery is located inside Zion, a Korean market, on Irvine Blvd. My mom really wanted to come check out this market and while she was shopping around I stumbled upon the bakery section. Even though the area around them was being re-modeled, their area was set up nicely. I have been to Korea town up in LA a lot, but I have never found Korean baked goods that good until now!
They have a huge selection of pastries both salty and sweet. What I really loved was that almost everything had a form of cheese inside! I still have a bunch of their baked goods to try right behind me. I will update my review of their food as I try them, so check back often.
My favorite thing I tried was the Cream Cheese Doughnut. It was baked and fried to perfection. Crispy on the outside and moist, chewy dough towards the center. The filling inside was cream cheese sweetened to perfection. I can't wait to go back for more! Word to the wise, eat it fresh or else it starts to become soggy and oily after a few hours.
I tried the Cheese Panini, which was light in flavor. I wish it was saltier and warm though.
I just tried the Financiers, regular and chocolate. They were a little dry for my taste. I was gulping water as I ate them. The flavor was nothing special and my tongue felt a little sanded down by the cake. Overall, the bakery looked very nice and clean It smelled really good and there was a lot of different choices. Definitely worth visiting and picking up a few small treats. The prices are a little high, but worth trying!


Anonymous said...

there is bakery next to Hannam chain in la korea town. that one in more quality than paris bagget in korea.

Kat said...

Oooh thanks for the tip! I will be sure to check that out next time I am in Korea Town in LA. Always up for more food exploration! ^_^

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