Thursday, February 14, 2008

All you can eat Korean B.B.Q, what more can you ask for? You might ask what is so special about this place. I really like the choices of meat here. They bring the meats to your table. Like most Korean places, they often switch their side dishes. So far they have all been good. I love the rice paper that they serve you to wrap your barbecued meats. Funny thing is that I am going tomorrow to Korean B.B.Q. again! I just had it Monday.
One of my friends recommended this place on New Year's Eve and we went. They have very nice quality meats. Their Kalbi, Galbi, beef short ribs are boneless and very flavorful. It is great boneless! They are the first place I have seen Marinated Duck as part of the all you can eat. The meat is sometimes a little fatty, but I can't complain! Bulgogi, Pork Belly, Beef Brisket, Teriyaki Chicken, & more are part of the selection for the all you can eat. All these choices are included for the great price of $16.99 for dinner.
During the meal they serve you a type of Jjigae, bean paste soup, and a steamed egg pot. One of my favorite things about Korean B.B.Q besides the meat is all the side dishes that come with the meal. You get a taste of everything! The way I eat my barbecued meat is to dip it in the salt & pepper in sesame oil. Then I lay the meat onto the rice paper, add bean paste, add raw garlic, and then wrap it all up for a blissful bite! It use to be that you use giant leafy greens to do this, but the new trend is rice paper.
All in all the food is really good and a very reasonable price. If only there was somewhere like this in Orange County, then I'd be set. The service varies because they are often quite busy and are very forgetful of things you ask for. I have been back many times already and I will definitely be back again! I will keep searching for a place like this in OC's Korea town!
Mu Dung San

1040 S Western Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90006
(323) 737-9292
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Ms. Lin said...

Yum! I want some Korean BBQ too!

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