Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day to all! I think today will be a sweets post day. To start off the day, I would like to introduce everyone to Melon Bar. Many of my friends often talked about how good it is, so I finally picked one up! Burumun, I finally tried it!
The ice cream bar was very light and flavorful. If you are a big fan of honeydew, then this would be perfect for you. One thing I really liked about the melon bar was that it was not too sweet. You can eat a lot of them without the heavy feeling, which could be a bad thing if you don't realize to stop eating.
I really like the texture of the melon bar. It was solid, yet very soft that it would smoothly dissipate inside your mouth. The consistency was just right. Talking about this makes me want to pick up another one from my freezer.
Overall I like the melon bar. They offer it in banana or strawberry flavor, if only they had mango flavor! Fair warning that they are definitely not cheap. I paid ~$6 for 8 bars, but they are a delight to have once in a while. A light snack, dessert, or an end to a meal.


gourmetpigs said...

I still think the 'haitai' brand one is better ... you have to try that next time you're up here! Sawtelle trip!

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