Thursday, February 7, 2008

Happy Lunar New Year!!!

Happy New Year to All!
This year is the Year of the Rat.

I wanted to share some Chinese traditions with everyone. New Year's Eve is a very important day to celebrate. Usually on special holidays like this, you are suppose to honor those that have passed away. I guess you could say it is like Día de los Muertos in certain ways. We prepare many special entrees that are set out in front of the pictured frame of who passed away. They are made especially for your loved ones to enjoy. We also fold paper money that you burn to give to the deceased to spend in the afterlife. You also burn incense, usually 3, and bow to the picture. Then you put the incense into the designated pot in front of the picture. Afterwards you get on your knees and bow three times, then rise to bow three more times standing. Usually we open the doors to supposedly let the spirits enter and enjoy the items you honored to them. After all the incenses burn out, you can enjoy the delicious food as the deceased has had their fill and you share in their joy.
It is important for everyone to keep their heritage and traditions. I may not be an avid believer in the tradition above, but I always carry these traditions out with my family. My favorite tradition of New Years is the RED POCKET! That is when the older generations are suppose to give you money in a red pocket to bring prosperity, good health, and more.
May you all have a wonderful year!
Please feel free to share your traditions in the comments area!


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