Monday, February 18, 2008

I went here with my good friends and just engaged friends! CONGRATULATIONS again! We went on X-mas Eve. I called ahead to put our names on the list. We still had to wait a little bit when we got there, but it was much better than not calling. My best friend recommended this place for lunch, unfortunately I went for dinner. I don't think I will be back for dinner, but maybe give it another try at lunch.

To start off the night I ordered the Stewed Pork. It was decent with flavor, but the meat was a little dry. Even though the meat was fatty it was not very tender. I probably would not try this dish again. If you like stewed pork then you should try the Cantonese style.
At that time I had a cold so I really wanted hot soup, so I ordered the udon. I believe I got the Nabeyaki Udon, which had shrimp tempura. It came out all soggy already. The bowl was very beautiful and steaming hot. In my opinion it lacked flavor. I usually love udon soup, but this one just didn't do it for me. If I come back for lunch, I will definitely give their regular udon a try.
The biggest mistake of the night was ordering the Chilean Sea bass. I normally love the fish, but they somehow butchered the texture. It was fried and drizzled with a tangy sauce. The flavor was lacking and the fish ended up being tough. Definitely not worth the $15!
As usual, I ordered the Hamachi Sashimi. You know how I am about yellow tail! That was decent, nothing special. The cut was nice though, very smooth technique.
My friend got the Crunchy Roll, one of her favorites. It was good, but nothing special again.
All in all this place was decent, but somehow my bill ended up being ~$55 just for me. Expensive! Next time I am only ordering one entrée and appetizer only. Not worth that much in my opinion. Although now that I see oyako-don on their menu, I will probably go back to try that. Overall it was decent, but I will be much more careful in choosing what I'd order next time.


Anonymous said...

I love stew pork (especially the fatty part). Too bad this place didn't do a good job.

Anonymous said...

Hi Eileen! Thanks for visiting! I know what you mean about fatty stewed pork. There is this one place in Monterey Park that does an awesome job! When I go back there I will be sure to post the pics and the restaurants name, sorry I don't recall it but I will know it when I see it. Take care! ^_^

Ms. Lin said...

I just had stewed pork today too and it was delicious! :)

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