Thursday, February 14, 2008

Who doesn't love chocolate? This is a Venezuelan chocolate store. They provide a wide array of chocolates with many interesting fillings, some good and some bad. I love trying the new pieces they develop and their classic pieces. Recently they had a deal of $5 off $30 from the Bon Bon case. They also have a wide variety of drinks and cakes. Their drinks are not very sweet because they are mostly made out of dark chocolate. If you love dark chocolate, then this place would be perfect for you.
My favorite piece there is the Parchita. How can you ever go wrong with Passion Fruit Caramel!?! They have it in both dark and milk chocolate. I also love the Candela, which is Hawaiian macadamia praline spiced with smoky chipotle covered in dark Venezuelan chocolate. Cambur is a very flavorful soft banana and brown sugar caramel. They have a lot of chocolates with different caramels. I tried the Picante, California raisin fondue and Napa valley cabernet caramel spiced up with pasilla chili & cayenne pepper, which I thought was very interesting. That chocolate had a strong kick to it. Who can resist Dulce de Leche, filled with traditional Latin American milk caramel? The list of caramels go on and on.
Recently I tried Cinco de Mayo, lemon tequila ganache, which tasted very strongly of alcohol. Each piece and type of chocolate are intensely flavored. The dark chocolate compliments and brings out the sweetness of the fillings. To be honest, their chocolate is nothing out of the ordinary. Personally I like Godiva's chocolate velvety texture and flavor. As I was eating the Candela, I could feel the waxiness of the chocolate. It is mostly the filling that truly works the magic into each piece. Word to the wise, they sell ChocoPods that are smaller versions of the Bon Bons they sell in the case. I have bought them before and they are nothing compared to the normal chocolates in the case. It might be that the ChocoPods are made mostly of chocolate and less filling. Don't try to save money by buying those.
The drinks they serve there are good for a warm or even a cold day. They have the Winter Hot Chocolate, Abuela, and the Spicy Maya for hot chocolates. Their drinks are not too sweet and will warm you up on a cold day. They offer cold blended drinks, but I still like Godiva's drinks better. All in all I like their chocolates because they carry a different twist. Sometimes they go too far in experimenting with flavor. An example would be the Chevere with goat cheese, black pepper, & pear Williams. It sounds interesting, but sometimes the flavors don't quite work with each other. Like my title says, I am always up for a new adventure so I will still try it to see for myself. Definitely check out this chocolate store to pick up a few sweet treats! ^_^


Kat said...

So sad! This location is now closed, so if you want their chocolate you will have to go ALL THE WAY DOWN TO SD! =*(

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